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20240617 Weekly Agenda.jpeg

What's  On

Our popular Pub Quiz on Wednesday with Quiz Master Doortje, only a few spots left. From Thursday, the European Champions take center stage, enjoy football in our large screen, together with our weekday meal deals (get a free drink), our pub favourites and a dinner menu full of flavours.

Chef Martyn has returned from a well deserved holiday, which means the Sunday Roast is back! Book a table and enjoy the best roast in town.

Music is still on of course, with the Soul Feed Sunday crew selecting the tunes to go along with the gravy, from 3PM to 9PM, it's the best way to close the week.


On display:

Raul Balai a.k.a. el bastardo is fascinated by the way our exploitative state of mind frames the shape of the world. His work is about providing insight into power structures: how they resonate in the way the story of history is told and reproduced, and how they lead to the society we have today. He uses a number of different styles, genres, to expose and explore what remains at stake within the history of diversities. Not only as an artist or curator, but also in his practice as an exhibition maker and designer.


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