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Raul Balai a.k.a. el bastardo is fascinated by the way our exploitative state of mind frames the shape of the world. His work is about providing insight into power structures: how they resonate in the way the story of history is told and reproduced, and how they lead to the society we have today. He uses a number of different styles, genres, to expose and explore what remains at stake within the history of diversities. Not only as an artist or curator, but also in his practice as an exhibition maker and designer.

Balai is an artist who cannot be relegated to one style, one genre, one anything. His work is not characterized by a specific shape or material. He is looking at each topic and story and finds appropriate form. He is constantly refining his visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerges through points of intersection between painting, installations, sculptures, graffiti, graphic design, illustration, video and photography.

In recent years Balai has exhibited at The Rembrandt Museum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Countour Biennale - Mechelen, Belgium / The Amsterdam Museum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Biennale Dak’Art - Senegal / M HKA - Antwerpen, Belgium / Galleri Image- Aarhus, Denmark  / Galerie 23 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands a.o.


In the coming period his work is on view at; KunstRai - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Facade 2022 - Middelburg, The Netherlands / The Black Archives - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Documenta 15 - Kassel, Germany.

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