A new space in Amsterdam mixing food, music & community.

 Opening May 14th! 

12:00 to 18:00 Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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Feed Amsterdam



This Is Our Story

We want to serve our communities

We hope people will join us however they can.

Working in hospitality, producing events, and volunteering is our way.

For over a year we've been asked to stay away from each other

The world has changed

Distance is the new standard while all we want is to be together

How do we bring people together?

We joined other communities in the search for an answer, and so it came...

A new space in Amsterdam


Mixing food, music & community


With local ingredients and a tasty menu for every season, we also tackle waste  


A hi-fi sound experience, a broadcasting booth, all can come to enjoy and contribute


Everything we built is for communities to access, to do what they do best, together

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