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Love Music

At Feed Amsterdam people come together for the love of food, music and good times.


A weekly programme of artists, gatherings, broadcasts comes always alongside delicious food and drinks.

Reservations are easy, follow our Instagram for the latest, or send us an email to

Lidia & Romee

We shouldn't have favourites, but it's hard not to when Lidia puts a night together at Feed Amsterdam. Do not miss her teaming up with Romee to set you up for a great weekend ahead.


How does all that sound? Have a taste on SoundCloud by Lidia and Romee.

Soul Feed

Soul Feed Sundays is always a treat, specially with sweet spring showing it's sunny face. We're coming together around a delicious roast and a great music selection from the Bang 'n Mash DJ crew. Welcome to the easiest Sunday in Amsterdam.


Follow Soul Feed @soulfeedsundays

Sonic Tonic

It's a new edition of Sonic Tonic, a growing meet-up of electronic music producers showcasing their creations onto the unsuspecting Feed crowd. From 8pm expect fresh sounds and the system's sonic range to get tested.


Feed your ears, feed your soul, feed yourself and book a table for delicious a dinner.

Far Blue

A new collective that hit the floor running! Check their Soundcloud for a taste of what they are putting together, and don't miss their music selection on Thursday, we can't get enough.


Grab a table, have a delicious dinner, stay for the vibes.

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