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We need selectors! Here’s why...

There's only so much music we can listen to

There are twenty four hours in a day, eight hours are spent sleeping and sixteen awake. If I lived to be a hundred years old, and listened to music every waking moment, that would be 16 (hours) x 60 (minutes) x 365 (days) x 100 (years)... 35 million listening minutes available.

Apple music has a catalogue of 90 million songs, an average of 3 minutes per song makes 270 million minutes of listening material. It means in my 100 years of music listening I would listen to just 13% of the music out there, and I would have listened to each song only once!

In reality, we would of course listen to a lot less of the music available in major catalogues :(

How to spend our precious music listening time wisely?

Enter our saviours, selectors. Selectors are music diggers going deep into catalogues to unearth quality sounding gems that no algorithm could ever deliver (algorithms try to create “hits” by reproducing the same (type of) songs with little variation). If you want to truly discover music, there’s nothing better than following selectors.

Deja Bruh
by Deja Bruh

Feed radio is a radio station in Amsterdam, it exists to give selectors the space to share their shiny musical finds with listeners. Whether your taste is wide in the musical spectrum, or specific on a genre, do not rely on Spotify, Apple, Tidal, etc. to discover new and old music. Instead jump on Mixcloud and follow the radio programs that bring music colour to your life.

We have had over 100 selectors, djs, and program makers come through our radio booth. Come down to Feed and listen to the shows live as they are being made, follow our mixcloud and get notified when we are live, or listen to our program archive. Let good music surround your life.

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