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The Powerful Lunch

The restaurant offer in Amsterdam has changed a lot in the last ten years. I remember back then when the coffee culture was nowhere as particular as it is now, today several local roasters supply “coffee houses” with flavourful options, Five Ways coffee being Feed Amsterdam’s choice.

the long break during the day’s energy peak should be accompanied by something delicious.

Finding a good brunch in Amsterdam was also a challenge a decade ago, at the time Drovers Dog came through with the Australian favorite pastime of brunching the weekend away, bringing the high quality service and the casual atmosphere Australian hospitality is known for. The Amsterdam brunch explosion (is that the name of a band?) followed and now the offer is plentiful for everyone’s late morning cravings.

Feed is a new restaurant in Amsterdam, and wants to offer something new to the city: The Powerful Lunch. Our case for focusing on lunch time is simple, the long break during the day’s energy peak should be accompanied by something delicious. The lunch culture in Amsterdam (specially during weekdays) is focused on a speedy bite, usually a sandwich, and seems geared towards shortening the pleasure of your time off than heightening your enjoyment. The Powerful Lunch is all about enjoying your lunch break, whether you have thirty minutes or two hours available to disconnect and re-energize, it should be enjoyed to keep you going until the end of your day.

We are starting by offering The Powerful Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 15:30, check the menu and reserve a spot, because whether you are in the middle of your workday or going out to enjoy Amsterdam’s growing number of things to do, you better make sure there is delicious energy powering your day.

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