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Tho Sauvage

Tho Sauvage

"The tones of unseen mystery, the vague and vast suggestions of soundwaves, the twirling calmness of vinyl, the melancholic smell of ancient records, the faint creaking of the needle plowing itself through the groove, the mesmerizing rhythm, the boundless horizon is ready to take you on board of a ceaseless melodic journey.

Tho Sauvage has been diving into the realm of records almost a decade ago. Based in Amsterdam he developed a strong musical foundation into all directions of electronic music. His taste is hard to subscribe to under one heading, but look out for a wide variety of music ranging from wonky bassline disco bangers, wavey italo, funky electro, tribal techno all the way to records that embody the essence of underground house. That is not it just yet… be mindful of some naughty French chansons taking a look around the corner every now and then. Deep-dived and fascinated by these 80's gems, they often find their way onto the turntables and therefore exemplify his musical signature.

In other words, to be expected are unheard rarities, typical classics and music that is sometimes looking for the edge... but not without losing a pleasant danceable flow in the crosshairs throughout his DJ-sets.

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