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Live graffiti piece by ZebrahXzebraH

Live graffiti piece by ZebrahXzebraH

Thursday, 24 March 2022

This Thursday we have invited ZebrahXzebraH to paint a piece here at Feed Amsterdam. Come join us for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. We will also have music streaming live from our radio with Vic - expect south american, chicano and othernatioal hip-hop.


Spawned in Sydney, Later spattering paint on Hong Kong, London and now Europe.

ZebrahXzebraH is a character style graffiti painter with a focus on varied subject matter and contrasting colour pallets,

Playing with the balance found between a few good shades and a defining final line,

Dabbling in sticker art and digital media, the best work is debatably found on a decent surface with a spraycan as the weapon of choice,

Now probing into the world of tattoo exposing their creative well of inspiration to an infinite number of spin offs and motifs.

The only limitations are available surfaces and hours in the day.

Live graffiti piece by ZebrahXzebraH
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