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Facts On Wax

Facts On Wax

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Facts On Wax is a monthly podcast about the rich culture of vinyl records. We'll discuss our most personal music-related experiences and also address sensitive subjects from a place of passion. The records we play are used as a tool to help shape our stories and for sake of enjoyment of course. Don’t be a stranger and join us on our adventures in the land of music!

Who is Facts On Wax?

Nilez could easily be described as an avid collector of (Soul, Funk & Jazz) records. For almost 3 decades he has been on the hunt for the best Black music since this has always had a way of resonating with him. Over a decade ago he ran a music blog called Moovmnt. This was an outlet for him to write about contemporary music with Soul and a heartbeat, but his passion for writing slowly faded over the years. Now he just wants to shoot the breeze and share his thoughts on one of the things he holds most dear...records.

Xuan has been on a musical adventure for a big part of her life and has built up a modest collection of vinyl records (Modern Funk, R&B & Soul). Being the curious type, she has been active in the musical blogosphere and was involved with various music projects/concepts. She is excited to dive deeper into the infinite world of music, together with her co-hosts.

Marcus joined the team recently and is the glue that holds everything together. He has been not only digging for records, but has also been DJ-ing for well over twenty years and loves to make people dance to Disco/Boogie, House, Brazilian and many other types of soulful music.

Facts On Wax
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