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Dupa trio

Dupa trio

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Hila Hutmacher - Vocal and Bass (Israel)
Alexandros Adam - guitar (cyprus)
Noam Bargil - Trumpet (Israel)

The trio features Hila, a great singer who recently finished her master jazz degree at "CvA". Hilla has a warm and beautiful voice , the fact that she sings and plays the double bass simultaniasly makes her truly a unique and special singer.

She is being accompanied by Alexandros on the guitar and by Noam on the trumpet. Together they create a dynamic and colorful musical environment which takes you back in time to the golden age of jazz music .

They play a lot of different musical styles within the genre of jazz in our performances. Whether it is happy and joyful music straight from the 1920's or beautiful ballads and bossa nova songs , their musical range is wide and they deliver each song with with their own unique interpretation and sound.

Dupa trio
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